Sunday, December 25, 2005


1. and foremost, a gigantic thank you to Henna Chou for getting us online.

2. The return of Mister Z? On a Carnival cruise? Yes, it really happened. The Mister Z Dancers performed on the Xingolati Groove Cruise October 14-17. Mister Z and Co. entertained passengers with dildo dances and hot tub debauchery, winning plenty of compliments on their new resort wear along the way. *pictures here*

3. Dan Basila, our favorite playwright, is serving time at a top artist's colony. He has promised us a new play entitled, "Daily Evacuations." UPDATE, FROM DAN: "I am working diligently on 'Daily Evacuations.' And by working I mean beating myself up, and by 'Daily Evacuations' I mean naps."

4. At Home With Dick was nominated for 4 B. Iden Payne Awards: Outstanding Production of Music Theater, Outstanding Director of Music Theater, Outstanding Lead Actor in Music Theater,
and Outstanding Original Score. Expect a sequel in Fall 2006.

5. Other works in progress:

-All the Dummies
-Untitled Travelogue
-Untitled Domestic Docudrama
-The Glory Holes of Laurel and Hardy
-Dark Comedian
-Three Chilling Tales of Victorian Homosexuality
-Prognosis: FAY
-Z 2010
-CHAMPION: You are Adequate

-The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill
-A Party For Boris by Thomas Bernhard
-The Youth Hostel by Wallace Shawn
-Our Late Night by Wallace Shawn
-Malcolm by James Purdy
-Company by Stephen Sondheim
-The Importance of Being Three's Company by Phil blue owl Hooser
-Vox by Nicholson Baker

when they will fall, nobody knows...