Sunday, January 06, 2008

Best Show of the Year?

We're clearly biased, but at least one person agrees. From Barry Pineo's Best of 2007 list in this week's Austin Chronicle:

A Thought in Three Parts (Rubber Repertory) This unashamedly obscene, relatively old Wallace Shawn script was considered by many to be unstageable, until Austin's Rubber Rep took it on. Challenging? You betcha. Risky? Cornered the market. Best show of the year? Without question. Directed by Carlos TreviƱo, Matt Hislope, and Josh Meyer.

Wayne Alan Brenner also weighed in with...

A Thought in Three Parts (Rubber Repertory) Rubber Rep brought Wallace Shawn's previously "untouchable" play from the Seventies – featuring a middle section with more extreme sexual hijinks than a "Ron Jeremy Live at Fuckfest '82" highlights reel – to the stage fully realized, treating all parts of the triptych with unerring accuracy. Funniest goddamn thing I've seen in years, and it reportedly brought playwright Shawn (in town to attend the opening) to tears with its excellence.