Sunday, October 18, 2009

R.I.P. Duchess 1920-2009

The Duchess passed in her sleep on Tuesday night surrounded by her 11 domestics. Up until her last hours, laughter was heard coming from her sickroom, as she greeted all visitors with the merriest of stories and the bawdiest of jokes. She lived an extraordinary life and did everything she wanted to do. We will miss her deeply. Letters of condolence can be emailed to

Her last words: "I never lose my spirits!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's up, Rubber Rep?

4. We just finished an 8 week experimental workshop that found us getting up bright and early every Sunday to eat donuts and dip our toes into some new ideas. We played around with handwritten signs, morning rituals, 1 second plays, sensual biographies, endurance acts, ventriloquism, and high stakes humor. Most people got naked, and everyone got kissed. BIG thanks to Liz, Thomas, Paul, Jodi, Jennymarie, Jen, and Smaranda for going there with us and being such lively participants and also to SVT for the generous donation of space.

3. A bit of The Casket of Passing Fancy is now gracing YouTube. If you missed the show, here's a taste. If you saw it, you probably didn't see these parts. We've been polishing the script with plans of throwing down the gauntlet and challenging other companies to take on this 500-ring-circus of a show. Holler if you want us to email you a copy.

2. Rubber Rep is now on Twitter. If you're up for a slightly more lively conversation, you should also check out the Twitter accounts of our component parts, where you can learn such golden bits of wisdom as How to Remove a Maggot From Your Skull.

1. Our next show is slated for Fall 2010. A long ways away, but we want to make sure it's something worth laying your eyes on. In the meantime, 100% of us will be in the Rude Mechs' production of Dionysus in 69 (Dec. 3-19ish) and 50% of us will be in Salvage Vanguard's production of A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits (Feb. 11-Mar. 6). We also might be popping up with a miniature performance here or there, as well as the usual stream of workshops, awkward social encounters, and nervous energy...

0. As always, your inquiries are WELCOME at

Friday, May 08, 2009

Goodbye, Z.

The 2009 incarnation of MISTER Z LOVES COMPANY has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who packed the house on closing weekend. We sincerely apologize for any Crisco that might have made its way onto your person. Here are some choice pictures of the festivities (CLICK to enlarge), courtesy of Austin gentleman Harrison Witt. Critical responses to the show can be found herehere, and here (and maybe a few other places if you go diggin'). You probably won't hear much from us for a while now, but as always, we welcome your correspondence at

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Party's (Almost) Over

MISTER Z must close April 25th. Barring a surprise transfer to Broadway, this is your last chance to see the show the Chronicle calls a "marriage of depravity and delight, of filth and fantasy, of turds and technical genius." Ticket info here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Chronicle review is up. A QUOTE that will be particularly tough to live up to: "Hislope and Meyer as Mister Z and his doppelganger are instruments of terpsichorean precision... In between (and sometimes while) abusing and/or pleasuring each other via stimulation of various orifices with various implements, the dapper pair performs dances with the sort of audience-thrilling synchronicity exemplified by martial artists Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in the initial fight sequence from the chop-socky classic Project A – to the same impressive comedic effect. We're suggesting here that Hislope and Meyer, as creators and performers, have reached a level of supreme martial artistry..." 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

turn to pg. 12

Mister Z pops up on pg. 12 of this month's American Theatre magazine, as part of a preview of Austin's burgeoning Fusebox Festival. (As a side note, why has this magazine become so hard to find? In all of Austin, the only place that had a copy was a Barnes and Noble on the outskirts of town. I put in a request for BookPeople to start carrying it again, so here's hoping...)

The View from the Audience

Thanks to Joncory for sending these our way.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Fury of Tech Week

Ah, the exquisite fury of tech week! Platforms pieced together like a dozen lost pieces from different puzzles, a naughty maid asleep in the bathtub with a thrown back, the endless ingestion of migas tacos, knuckles cut open on the metal edge of an old trunk, Travis Dean's daredevil carpentry, a bloody tuxedo unintentionally turned hot pink, ropes coming out of the most surprising places, a naughty maid HIT BY A CAR, questionable interpretations of the fire code, and the relief of emptying props out of our cars for the LAST TIME. These are all good signs that Mister Z Loves Company will be ripe and ready to open on Friday at 8pm. Call (512) 478-5282 for tickets.

Monday, March 23, 2009

a perfect fit

Mister Z and a few of his naughty maids will be dancing at Hey Homo's presentation of Cruising at the Alamo Drafthouse on Tuesday night. Says the Drafthouse, "This is a historically valuable, irrefutable low art masterpiece, with jolting performances and some of the most sordid moments to ever hit the screen...including an onscreen beating from a cop in a jockstrap that you will never, NEVER forget." Sounds like ol' Z will be right at home. Tickets here. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here Comes Trouble.

The first of several publicity images we'll soon be pasting around town.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rejected Mister Z Postcard Image

I like this image quite a bit, but I think it gives the wrong impression about the show. Maybe we'll save it for when we do a show about suits that come alive at night when the department store is closed, or one about men who float around without any hands or legs. The real deal is forthcoming, and it's far less classy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, You Beautiful Maids

The casting couch is closed! With the exception of Ms. Amie Elyn, we have a whole new crew of naughty maids joining us for our upcoming revival of Mister Z Loves Company. Be assured that their faces, however striking, only begin to hint at the feast of personality that will be on display in April. Clockwise from upper left: Anjelica Mcauley, Amie Elyn, Carlos Treviño, Andrea Smith, Mikaela Thomas, and David Yeakle.

In other news: The site for this year's Fusebox Festival is UP (and we are pleased as punch to be included in the festivities).