Saturday, January 06, 2007

Casting Call: A Thought in Three Parts

Brace yourselves. We’re having open auditions for Wallace Shawn’s A Thought in Three Parts on February 10th, with callbacks to follow on February 11th.

While this is the most traditional play we’ve ever done (characters, dialogue, a SET, etc.), it’s also the most outrageous play you’ll ever read. How outrageous? So much so that it’s never been produced in the United States. The New York Shakespeare Festival had a workshop in 1976, but since then nothing, nada, zilch. “The play has not been revived and stands as a permanent challenge to anyone who has the attitude that anything can be revived... the play can now almost not be read." says W.D. King.

As this is probably our one and only chance to premiere a play by this playwright we love so deeply, we’re pulling out all the stops. The Vortex (always a champion of controversial work) is co-producing. The amazing Carlos TreviƱo is co-directing. Matt and I are even stepping into two of the naughtier roles that we weren’t sure we’d be able to cast.

We’re looking for 2 male and 2 female actors, aged 18-35. Roles available: David, Sarah, Helen , Tom. Please note: The role of “Helen” involves nudity and a ridiculous amount of sexual content. Rehearsals begin April 1, with performances in May. Auditions will consist of readings from the script and will be held at the Vortex, 2307 Manor. To schedule an appointment, call (512) 825-3071 or email

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First Night...

was fun, but things got a little out of hand. By the time it was over, I was worried that the sidewalk might be littered with the hair and teeth of children.

Later in the day, two women in their sixties were overheard saying:

I saw some people dressed up as candy.

What kind of candy?

Red candy.