Sunday, December 24, 2006

RED CANS at First Night?

It could be a rumor. They're not part of the official program. All we know is that a friend of ours spotted one of the nasties around 8th and Congress this week. She was coming home from a bar and saw it crouched in the shadows hoarding two pairs of black pumps and a slice of pizza. Abandoned by the pack or scouting out new terrain? It's hard to say, but knowing how these not-so-beloved creatures have left many a wrecked festival in their path, you may want to lace up those sneakers extra snug before heading downtown. Just a thought.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Orgie of the Multiple Orgasmen.

As you may know, our next show is (keep your "rights pending" fingers crossed) Wallace Shawn's scandalous A Thought in Three Parts. This is a play that was written in the early 70's but has never had a proper U.S. production. The London premiere was raided by a vice-squad and almost shut down by the government. When Rubber Rep met up with Mr. Shawn in New York and asked about staging the play in Austin, he gleefully responded, "If you want to do A Thought in Three Parts, you'd be a pioneer my good man!"

Just for fun, we took a synopsis of the play that was written in German and used one of those cheap web programs to translate it into English. Here's a muddled Freudian taste of what to expect:

Obszoen in a youth hostel birds Helen, Judy, Tom, Bob and thick indiscriminately around, however, too secondly, too third, a Orgie of the multiple Orgasmen, hectically and witthout obligation, glaringly and. Before David and Sarah, in the first scene, had two Americans in a foreign hotel room only punish and codes talked without doing it, and in the conclusion mono log then Mr. Frivolous at the domestic fruehstueckstisch a erotisches solo one experiences. Two-relations, Gruppensex and Masturbation - Shawn is here more successfully than those subversive, unverklemmte taboo injury: In the core three cheerful melancholische Etueden hide themselves over the love in its text.
Orgasmen indeed.

A Thought in Three Parts
by Wallace Shawn
May 4-26, 2007
The Vortex, 2307 Manor Rd.
Dir. by Carlos TreviƱo, Matt Hislope, and Josh Meyer