Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mr. Barnes, Meet Mr. Price.

The Statesman's Michael Barnes writes about his experience with Dick's show here. We were quite interested to read his response, as he had the unfortunate luck of attending a show alongside some VERY DRUNK and HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE audience members. During the second half of the show, they violated every possible rule of theatre etiquette, stopping just short of hiking up their skirts and pissing on Dick's bedroom floor. It was as if Dick was performing the show at one of those horrible daiquiri bars on 6th street.


jooley_ann said...

What a nightmare! Poor Dick. Our audience (opening weekend or close thereto) was very polite -- and it was so great! It was several independent couples/groups, yet the way we worked together to get the most out of the experience (singing together, just...*feeling* the show together) was a wonderful & unique experience. Sorry to hear about the a**holes. :(

deadeathedead said...

ugh. i'm so sorry to hear that!

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Just read your item on etiquette in the theatre. I've been perturbed by similar problems at live theatre and posted a rant of my own on offenders yesterday that you might find amusing (I also have a poll that you can log your vote on which behavior you find most appalling in the theatre).