Sunday, December 24, 2006

RED CANS at First Night?

It could be a rumor. They're not part of the official program. All we know is that a friend of ours spotted one of the nasties around 8th and Congress this week. She was coming home from a bar and saw it crouched in the shadows hoarding two pairs of black pumps and a slice of pizza. Abandoned by the pack or scouting out new terrain? It's hard to say, but knowing how these not-so-beloved creatures have left many a wrecked festival in their path, you may want to lace up those sneakers extra snug before heading downtown. Just a thought.


Tim said...

I've been debating taking Stella out to First Night (or rather to First Afternoon). Knowing she might encounter a red can is definitely a tick in the pro column.


yay! back in the workshopping the show in the park days, we discovered that babies LOVE red cans.