Sunday, February 17, 2008

From the Dumpster #1: Scream! Eat! Bleed! Cry!

FROM THE DUMPSTER is a recurring series that will let you in on ideas we've had that never made it to the stage. While it's possible that a few of these will be salvaged at some point, most of them--quite simply--STINK. Feel free to heckle, steal anything you like, or offer a word or two of encouragement.

The spark for this idea came from reading about a performance by Dick Higgins called Danger Music no. 17. The score for the piece reads "Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream!," and anytime it's been performed, people have done just that--screaming as LOUDLY as possible for as LONG as possible. For a while, we were tempted to produce a week-long cycle of performances that use Danger Music no. 17 as a model. Each would be a performance of endurance based around a single action. There would be Bleed! Bleed! Bleed! Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!--in which a person drips one drop of blood at a time on the floor and walls of an all white room. Cry! Cry! Cry! Cry! Cry! Cry! would be a night of emotional breakdowns. Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! would be a forcefeeding to the point of regurgitation. Matt came up with a way of performing Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! that had the hypnotic appeal of limbs jiggling and feet rhythmically patting the ground. What else? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! was considered. Maybe something involving haircuts. That's all I remember. Each night's show would end when either the performers had exhausted themselves to the point of collapse OR the entire audience had gone home. And as an extra special bonus, the entire cycle of shows would be hosted by one or two people who stay awake all week long. Don't Sleep! Don't Sleep! Don't Sleep! Don't Sleep! Don't Sleep! Don't Sleep!


Tim said...

This seems like it might be fun for a Slapdash challenge. Perhaps not to that extreme, but what would a script inspired by those actions look like?

Anonymous said...

Sweet garbage.