Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rolling Out the Casket

We're starting Phase 1 of our hefty rehearsal period on Sunday. Phase 1 consists of a week of intensive work with each of our 10 enactors. Phase 2 will begin in mid-August and will take on a more recognizable "let's put on a show" sort of structure. This is a weird time. All of the cards are in place and all of the tricks are up our sleeves, but there's still so much process left. Part of me wants to begin hyping the hell out of this show and part of me wants to shut up and keep secrets. In the end, I'm happy to let word spread through those who say it best.

(And have I mentioned how jumping-out-of-our-pants thrilled we are to have assembled this cast of audacious and extraordinary human beings? Most are actors, yes, but they're also all so much more. The aforementioned Wayne Alan Brenner? Heather Barfield? Silky Shoemaker? Paul Soileau? Kris Olson? Rebecca Beegle? Michelle Flanagan? Taylor Flanagan? Thomas Graves? Jennie Underwood? I mean, C'MON!)

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