Friday, August 29, 2008

Rehearsing the Choir

Ev'rybody's Happy When The Sun Shines
W.R. Williams, 1908

Fate is always downing
Ev'ry one who's frowning
Don't you know that
all the clouds will soon roll by

What we hand you, take it
life is what you make it
Don't forget that when we die
we are a long time dead.

Even though some things go wrong,
Life to us is one grand song,
We'd like to live forever and a day.

For you know Ev'rybody's
happy when the sun shines,
Happy the whole day long.

Though we get a little weary sometimes,
Let's "jolly" each other along.
Ev'rybody wears a smile of welcome,

Happy with grand good times.
Ev'ryone's in clover hearts are bubbling over,
Ev'rybody's happy when the sun shines.

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