Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, You Beautiful Maids

The casting couch is closed! With the exception of Ms. Amie Elyn, we have a whole new crew of naughty maids joining us for our upcoming revival of Mister Z Loves Company. Be assured that their faces, however striking, only begin to hint at the feast of personality that will be on display in April. Clockwise from upper left: Anjelica Mcauley, Amie Elyn, Carlos Treviño, Andrea Smith, Mikaela Thomas, and David Yeakle.

In other news: The site for this year's Fusebox Festival is UP (and we are pleased as punch to be included in the festivities).

1 comment:

tamara aka mico said...

my heart pops out a little popeyes..pop pop pop..
you were maid for me
Tamara Mico Jons
Cheer Up Charlie!