Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Fury of Tech Week

Ah, the exquisite fury of tech week! Platforms pieced together like a dozen lost pieces from different puzzles, a naughty maid asleep in the bathtub with a thrown back, the endless ingestion of migas tacos, knuckles cut open on the metal edge of an old trunk, Travis Dean's daredevil carpentry, a bloody tuxedo unintentionally turned hot pink, ropes coming out of the most surprising places, a naughty maid HIT BY A CAR, questionable interpretations of the fire code, and the relief of emptying props out of our cars for the LAST TIME. These are all good signs that Mister Z Loves Company will be ripe and ready to open on Friday at 8pm. Call (512) 478-5282 for tickets.

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