Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Week until Red Cans Wreckage!

It's one week until showtime, and RED CANS gets better and worse every night. Performers are getting completely lost on stage, running into walls, and constantly knocking each other over. But while this would typically signify a theatrical trainwreck, it seems that RED CANS is different and actually becomes more and more watchable as things go more and more wrong. Short of giving the performers notes to "keep screwing up," we'll be doing all we can to ensure that the off-kilter chaos is in full bloom on August 3rd.

Check out this interview about the show courtesy of our friends at Austinist.

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Anonymous said...

nice. enjoyed the austinist feature, too. 'specially whats next...outhouses, yes. or the tiniest theatre in the world with a full length musical. i'd like to find an old peep show stage with various windows peering into the same space. you have to pay a quarter to keep watching in 10 min. increments. if it sucks, stop paying.