Sunday, July 16, 2006

RED CANS: Read our Bruises #3

Lest we be accused of only exploiting the bruised bodies of our female cast members, here are some choice shots of the truly rough and tumble Andy Smith. Andy informs us that he took these pictures to send to his girlfriend in Australia. While you're enjoying this bit of beefcake, consider these helpful household tips sent in from reader (and Dirigo Group co-artistic director) Ellie McBride:

OMFG! I just saw the pictures. good to your people and do this. Trust me, I know from whereof I speak in the rehearsal bruises world. Those I've had, those I've inflicted. Got this cure from a director had me looking caned 3 days before a show I had to wear a corset in and I was bruise free opening night.

Get some papaya pulp from whole foods. Get your folks to make smoothies out of it, about a cup per person. Get them to get some for themselves and drink it daily or eat fresh papaya for a few days (but the bottled pulp is cheaper even though it's not cheap.)

Get some Arnica oil. not gel. not cream. Oil.

Get folks to rub in on when they leave. Encourage the more bruised of them to buy there own and put it on before bed. Also not cheap but well worth it. It's about $10 a bottle but the bottle will last.

I promise this will fade the bruises and the pain.


kate h said...

any chance of an east coast tour?!

rubber_repertory said...

find us a fat-pocketed producer with a large empty space and we're there.

Clyde said...

fat pockets?

sounds like a joseph beuys production!

Yo, you're the newest netweed favorite:

Glad to see you guys still building.

Clyde (