Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Reviews, etc. posted here as they are posted elsewhere. Beware of spoilers!

1. The Statesman calls the show, "one engaging and odd little package, full of weird and entertaining images."

2. Tim Thomas of the Loaded Gun Theory says he's "never seen an audience so afraid" and describes how the audience was "literally cowering with their feet in each others laps."

3. The Dirigo Group compares the show to Jim Henson going on "a week-long psilocybin bender with nothing to keep him company but early David Lynch films, E.T., Alien, and 2001."

4. The Austinist only recommends the show to people who are able to "sit through an hour long performance just to enjoy seven or eight moments of clarity."

5. KUT's Arts Eclectic is airing this audio preview of the show August 14-18.

6. The Austin Chronicle says that, "At some point during the show, you are likely to lift up your feet, hide your purse, and secure any other loose possessions – like a roller coaster, only you're at the theatre. Keep all legs and arms inside the play."

more to come!

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