Monday, August 28, 2006

RED CANS wrapped up

1. A BIG THANKS to the audiences who made this show such a delight to perform. Demand was so high that spectators were standing in the hallway and seated in the light booth. A Rubber Rep first!

2. It was bound to happen sooner or later. On the last night of performances, an audience member (and prominent figure in the theatre community) really didn't want her shoes taken and proceeded to beat the sh$% out of the offending can. No injuries were reported.

3. The costumes were so filthy after the run that they filled our bathtub with a bitter black brew. See the above photo, and be thankful that we can't attach a smell.

4. Even though the show's over, we still dream of Red Cans. Josh writes: "I just had the worst Red Cans nightmare. We're performing at Bass Concert Hall at UT. Or possibly the Paramount. The show is packed. There are even a few celebrities around, mainly icons from my childhood. There's a weird pre-show where Hulk Hogan comes out and throws footballs to the crowd. "Weird Al" Yankovic catches one. I'm amazed that no one is cheering for the Hulkster. It's time for the show to start. The lights slowly fade. When they come back up, the dog in the cage, but also... there's a full youth baseball team posing on the side of the stage. It's like they're proud of their red uniforms and decided they'd be a good addition to the show. Ashley and Amie are crawling around outside of their cans and looking at the team. Dolly's pushing the cage alone. Then Ashley says (in a LOUD stage whisper), "Aren't we supposed to be in our cans?" They put on their cans and help Dolly. No one has a power horn. The king never arrives. 90% of the audience leaves in the first 15 minutes. The rest is blurry. I remember leaping up onstage and going back to the dressing room and exploding with anger and frustration to Matt, talking about killing myself with sleeping pills. The backstage area doubles as an artificial christmas tree warehouse, with thousands of gaudy trees hung from the ceilings."

On to At Home with Dick 2! Stay tuned.


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