Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Dinner With Wally.

The great playwright came to the show twice this weekend, hung out with everyone quite a bit, and even treated the cast and crew to dinner after the Sunday show. We feel a little overwhelmed here at RR headquarters, but be sure to ask us for a story or two the next time we see you.


Jooley Ann said...

Oh, SO SO SO cool!!! I'm thrilled that he came to see the show. :) I hope he wasn't completely overwhelmed by fans. As a rule I do not approach people of fame, but if I happened across Wallace Shawn? Uhhh, it'd be hard not tell him how much I've loved his work, which I've been following since My Dinner With Andre. *sigh*

Y'all are so awesome for doing this show. Yay!

Memory said...


Y'all are so ~

Ah, you know: What Jooley Ann said.

Every damned day of the week.

*cheers wildly*