Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Thought in 3 Parts: READ ALL ABOUT IT.

The U.S. Premiere of A THOUGHT IN 3 PARTS ran May 4-26, 2007 at the Vortex theatre in Austin, TX. We're told that it was the best attended production in the theatre's HISTORY. Here are the collected articles, interviews, reviews, and other assorted media about the show.


Mo said...


I remember the night y'all asked me to be in this show, years ago, on my porch on Kentucky St. in Lawrence. I was wearing a red velvet catsuit and a tiara. And I said No.

So proud of you guys. High fives and hugs across the interweb.


Tim said...

I'd really like to hear what you guys thought. You pick and create such off the wall stuff, that it would be nice occasionally to here your thoughts. What goes on in your head. What do you love? What didn't turn out so well? What did the script contain that made you fall in love? What don't you like about the script/show?

Seeing it tomorrow night.


Here here, Tim! I hate how boring and impersonal these entries have become. I don't know if I'm lazy or trying to present a front of some sort. Maybe linking to it from the NEWS page on our Web site is what's stopping me from being more interesting.

Tim said...

My review if you're interested. Pretty much everyone has had their say now.

But anyway. Enjoyed myself. And that set for that final scene. My god. I still have it emblazoned in my mind. I feel like I was staring at the sun and now have it imprinted into the back of my eyelids. Thanks for doing what you do.

bennysqueak said...

Never been to Austin. Until last week. Live in San Francisco. Saw the play.

And San Francisco thinks it's cutting edge. Ha.

If it weren't for the fact that we're all here because of sex, we might be able to forget about it.

Fat chance. We're stuck with it. Individually. Collectively.

Sex is adjectives, lots of adjectives: thrilling, boring, sublime, stupid, random, calculated, scientific, pornographic, private, public, distant, expensive, cheap, manipilative, brutal, sweet,and all the other adjectives you want to include.

That makes it confusing. Sex. And that's what the play (and Rubber Rep) was out to do, I think. Act out all those adjectives, all that confusion. (Plenty of verbs, too.)

And then--- after the sex---instead of Conan or Letterman to humor us through the weirdness of it---we get a jokester stroking a wooden bird in a breakfast nook.

Makes perfect sense. And no sense at all. Just like sex.

Back at the Super 8 ---I was just as confused about sex as ever. But I was reminded in a brilliant way that I wasn't alone.

There is one thing that I am not confused about:three days in Austin were not enough.

I'll be back for more Austin. And I'll be back for more Rubber Rep.