Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today we put aside the games and small group work and blocked a 9 minute scene that contained a few of our favorite tableaus from previous rehearsals.

a glimpse:

CANS 1,2,3,4 clustered in group. Still. Family? Post-coital?

CHARGER CAN in background, charges back and forth.

KING CAN at basketball hoop w/ duck whistle.

CHARGER charges CAN ONE and knocks it over. They switch cans, Butoh-style, and get back up.

CAN ONE begins assuming the actions of CHARGER.

DEPUTY CAN enters from far away. A thin tube hangs from a hole in the bottom of the can. 3 claps, ALL CANS pop to attention. An unknown liquid begins to spray from the tube. ALL CANS bounce and scratch with anticipation.

KING CAN begins to duck whistle.

ALL CANS except DEPUTY surround KING CAN in a semi-circle. Some clapping is heard from inside the cans.

Waiting, stillness.

KING CAN deflates, inflates, deflates, inflates, deflates, inflates, deflates, inflates as surrounding cans bounce gently.

CANS turn to look at DEPUTY

DEPUTY turns away

CANS violently begin pressing as close as possible to KING CAN. Suffocating.

After much smothering, CANS 1,2,3,4, and CHARGER all topple.


KING CAN, sagging a bit, carefully leaves its post and walks through the wreckage to the deputy. Whistle? Clap?

DEPUTY straightens the KING CAN into an upright position.


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