Sunday, January 08, 2006


The first weekend of the Red Cans workshop was fun and enlightening. Children between the ages of 2 and 10 were especially drawn to the mysterious activity of the cans. Adults didn't always know what to make of it. Was this some sort of new exercise trend? Were we occultists? After two days of heavy scooting, the title of the show took on new meaning as performers noted their bruised, swollen buttocks.

And now the first of several participant reactions that I'll be posting as the workshop continues....

Courtesy of Cole Wimpee:
"working in the park today and watching at times when the wind would blow in and move unoccupied cans a few inches or a couple of feet, made me ask myself, 'what sort of weather or environment do the cans live with?' if performed indoors, it'd be interesting to play with one of those large utility fans just offstage that might be turned on and aimed at the stage so that an unmanned can can be blown a bit, or to see how it can affect the cans while we're in them. could the fan blow hard enough to simulate a wind storm making the can's ripple? if it created an interesting effect, it could also have a dual function of cooling the actor's inside the cans if it is far along through the show that they might begetting overheated. does it rain in red can world? little red drops of water? or those little round, red, soft candies falling from the sky? or red 'snow' paper slowly falling? might a can itself fall from the sky? if a lighting or electric storm were to occur, would the cans (like a herd of cattle) get shocked and light up and sizzle a bit? and what if a can overheats and smoke comes out? what are their seasons? season cycles? It seems we can discover more about the cans if we can determine the circumstances of their world. lastly, I am curious as to whether one of the cans could be surface-treated in such a way that the red color becomes very faded so at one point it could be introduced as an ill or degenerate member of the group..."

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