Sunday, January 22, 2006

RR ARCHIVES #1 Or, Blame it on Our Youth

while cleaning my room last week (long overdue), I stumbled upon the above document... a ramshackle list, probably compiled in early 2002, of elements that matt and I hoped to include in future rubber repertory shows. four years later seems like as good a time as any to reflect on our progress.


*synchronized swimming (check, but not by us.)

*prison meals (not yet.)

*dildo danse (check.)

*original or public domain or pomo sampling (check.)

*old people eat! (yes they do!!!... but not yet.)

*pornofuq muse (abandoned.)

*pornofuq (ABANDONED!)

*Gay food old people parade (I have no idea what this means, or if this is one idea or three, but I'm fairly certain we haven't done it.)

*endurance (check)

*best and worst show (the idea was to use a survey to determine what elements would be included in people's ideas of the best possible theatre and the worst possible theatre, and then to create works that strictly utilized said elements... still interests us, but not yet.)

*Hunger (not since this.)

*Dancing! (Always.)

*group singing (check. And if you're curious, the song was "Some People" from Gypsy.)

*props (big dreams in 2002! check. check. check. check. check. check.)

*non-trad staging and lighting (check.)

*slapstick torture (check, but only tangentially.)

*Wiley Wiggins (not yet, but the target is within reach.)

*children's section (?)

*fisting a cow (bartender!)

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