Friday, October 24, 2008

The Offers You Missed: 10/23

237 offers gone, 263 remain...

Who wants to watch my stag film?

Who wants a ride to the border, leaving NOW?

Who wants a chocolate facial?

Who wants to be measured, weighed, and documented in great detail?

Who wants to paint their Ruben?

Who wants nudity?

Who wants a topographic map made from their body?

Who wants to choose between being the pigeon and being the statue?

Who wants a tiny totem you?

Who wants fried eggs upon her shoulders?

Who wants a hand-painted birthday suit?

Who wants a person to thoroughly and completely devote himself to you?

Who wants to rip someone's clothes off?

Who wants audio proof of their historic conversation with Richard Nixon?

Who wants to suck on tits?

Who wants a 5th grade slumber party?

Who wants to visit stuffed animal heaven?

Who wants to play barber with a real head of hair?

Who wants the one and only copy of a map that leads to a secret treasure buried somewhere in Texas?

Who wants a singing telegram delivered to a person of their choice?

Who wants to read by the light of cats?

Who wants to shoot the messenger 13 times?

Who wants a taste of their own medicine?

Who wants to frown upside down?

Who wants a second chance? Pick an offer that was passed over earlier tonight.

Who wants to be bundled up? Be as cozily warm as you'll ever be.

Who wants to earn a merit badge?

Who wants to watch the rest of the show from above it all?

Who wants to burp?

Who wants to pull a man's socks off through his fly?

Who wants to taste the fruits of outer space?

Who wants to be caught in the etiquette net?

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